Take Charge and Get “Zapoint” of Your Career


BROOKLINE, MA–(Marketwire – November 1, 2007) –

News Facts

  • Recognizing that job seekers are frustrated with online job boards and stodgy classifieds, Zapoint has introduced a new way to approach career management and professional networking.
  • The Zapoint career management tool is based on the following:
    • Everyone has a resume but they take so many different forms it can be hard to know how to put your qualifications in the best light. The Zapoint LifeChart tackles this problem head on by presenting your qualifications and achievements in visual form. Zapoint uses its special sauce, i.e. a tested algorithm, to calculate your career trajectory based on information you enter. The result is the LifeChart.
    • Zapoint also allows you to define and stake out your career territory so you can see how you stack up against others with similar backgrounds. This is of critical interest to you both in terms of your chances to get the new job you want and as a way to determine what qualifications you need to make yourself more competitive. Zapoint profiles include tags so you can narrow down the entire Zapoint database to just those individuals who are most similar to you to help you compare yourself to your competitors. Worried about privacy and being publicly identified? No need! Everyone uses self-selected screen names so only you know it’s you.
    • Want to connect with people who have a similar background to you? Zapoint includes social networking tools to keep you in touch with people who matter to you. Want to find fellow alumni from your college? Zapoint helps you do it.
    • During the course of your career, you have many managers and performance reviews. Ever wish you had a record of a great review that you could include in your job application? Ever had to chase down old references when applying for a new job and wished you had a signed, validated way employers could see previous performance reviews? Zapoint helps you tackle these issues with tools enabling you to stay on top of your career — and document it.
  • As yet another proof point that Zapoint’s approach is a departure from existing services, any individual who secures a job through Zapoint will earn $1,000.
  • People looking to add their LifeChart to their Facebook profile can do so using this Facebook application.
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